In the final day of the City Soccer Round Robin, the Central Indians came out as champions in the third straight season. The Indians defeated the Fighting Irish 6-0 at The Den.

This soccer tournament occurs at the beginning of every season for all four of the city high schools to play one another. Bringing the St. Joseph community together for a three-day tournament, the boys’ soccer season was an enjoyable way to transition into the rest of the year.

“It always makes it a lot more fun, especially when all of these guys know the guys on the other teams,” Central coach Craig Vulgamott said. “When you are taking it hard, but there is also that inner school camaraderie with playing against guys they know, they are making sure they are staying healthy and have a good season.”

Coming off of wins against LeBlond and Benton earlier in the week, Central was a little more comfortable in Saturday morning’s game. Four different Indians scored a goal throughout the game, as they had possession of the ball for a majority of the day.

“I think a lot of it is kind of just settling in and focussing on our formation. Making sure we are spreading our feet and putting the ball wide, and just maintain the possession of that,” Vulgamott said.

After a slow start to the game, senior Bual Tin Thang got the Indians rolling as he scored the first two goals of the game. They were scoreless in the first 20 minutes, but were able to get a 4-0 lead before the halftime break.

“We started very slow obviously, and then we were able to connect more in the end of the first half,” Tin Thang said. “We were communicating more to get some goals, and it’s really just good teamwork that got us going.”

Senior Andrew Brunner and Junior Elias Padilla-Betanco both scored one goal each, as senior Alexander Steward had the last goal of each half, giving him two total for the day.

“Today really showed what our team is capable of. This is kind of a test for the rest of the season, so we are able to see and fix it in these games early on in the season,” Tin Thang said.

Benton 1, Bishop LeBlond 0

Benton and LeBlond both struggled to find the net, as the only goal of the game happened in the final seconds of the first half, when Benton scored at the buzzer.

With the Golden Eagles having possession of the ball for most of the final minutes of the first half, the Cardinals rushed down the field in the final minute in desperation of a last second score. After failing on a corner kick from one side with 30 seconds left, they had one more chance to score from the opposite corner. Junior Treyton Mull scored a header off of the corner kick to take a 1-0 lead, as they held onto that for the remainder of the contest in a scoreless second half.

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