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St. Joseph Christian School has named Nicki Carlson as its new athletic director, the school announced Tuesday.

Carlson has been on staff at St. Joseph Christian the past three years and has served as interim athletic director this year.

“High school athletics greatly impacted my life in a positive way,” Carlson said in a release. “Learning how to work hard, be disciplined, train my mind and body to accomplish a team goal and outcome carried over into my college and work/family life. To this day I love seeing my high school coaches because of the great influence they had on me. I am excited to be a greater part of what God is doing through athletics at St. Joseph Christian School.”

Nicki has been married to Jody Carlson for 23 years and they have six children — Rachel, Jacqi, Caleb, Cy, Caedmon and Cru.

She has a Bachelor of Science in food science and human nutrition from the University of Missouri.

Before coming to St. Joseph Christian, Carlson worked at the Buchanan County Health Department as a nutritionist and also served in the country of Hungary with Campus Crusade for Christ.

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