Bishop LeBlond senior Hank Lierz follows through on a shot at St. Joseph Country Club.

During his time at Bishop LeBlond, Hank Lierz decisively established himself as one of the best high school golfers in the state of Missouri, both in and outside of school functions.

The senior has been a consistent and prolific presence, earning his fourth straight state top-three state medal with a score of 148, helping the Golden Eagles to their third state championship. If that wasn’t enough, he was also the back-to-back Missouri Junior Boys Player of the Year in 2017 and 2018.

He is also the 2019 All-News-Press NOW Golfer of the Year.

A constant fixture at the top of state championship leaderboards in the last four years, Lierz discussed the various first-place finishes that just barely slipped through his grasp over the seasons.

“My first few years I had no idea what to expect. Every year though it became a little more disappointing,” Lierz said. “This year in particular, I was not too happy with the way I played. I wish I could have gotten one at least, but it’s over now and thinking about it more doesn’t do you any good. It’s on to new challenges.”

Pat Clark, who coached LeBlond in Lierz’s first three years and was involved with the team against this recent season, remarked that Lierz’s excellent golf career transcends just the state tournament.

“Ever since he was a freshman … he dominated, really,” Clark said. “I always kind of make fun that he’s won so many big, and I mean big, junior tournaments that maybe the state championship wasn’t prestiguous enough for him.”

— Levi Smith