On Nov. 12, Heartland Health officially became Mosaic Life Care, a move that marked its continued dedication to providing preventative, community health care in St. Joseph and surrounding areas.

Since the ribbon cutting, the transition to the new brand has continued to take place, including new Mosaic and way-finding signage at the main campus.

“Now when I drive through the campus and the new signage is up, it’s absolutely beautiful. ... I’m just amazed,” said Tama Wagner, chief brand operator of Mosaic Life Care. “It is a symbol of a really, really bright future. I love the way it looks and what it stands for.”

The transition began more than two years ago when the hospital found it was unable to retain the federal trademark to Heartland Health in the North Kansas City market.

The name “Mosaic Life Care” performed favorably in consumer research and focus groups and describes the multifaceted model of care the hospital has adopted as industry needs change, Ms. Wagner said.

“Consumers are changing. Consumers are expecting different things from health care,” she said. “Many consumers are saying, ‘I want to have a different sort of relationship with my primary care provider. I want them to be there not only in the sick days, but the healthy days, too.’”

Changes have included a new official color scheme, new uniforms for Mosaic Life Care employees, and new signage and logos, some of which were implemented before the ribbon cutting. Additional changes will occur throughout 2015 to eliminate all uses of the previous Heartland name and logo, Ms. Wagner said. The project’s budget is about $1 million.

The hospital was Heartland Health for 30 years, and completely transitioning to Mosaic Life care will take some time, Ms. Wagner said.

“We have a yearlong plan, from November to November, to change the signage on all outpatient clinics and regional clinics,” she said. “I don’t suffer from any illusions that it will take people a long time to begin using the new name in regular conversation, and I’m fairly certain for as long as I live, those Hs will keep popping up.”

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