Lute Atieh is using his pilot’s license to teach children.

Atieh is apart of a group called Young Eagles, which gives kids their first flight within a small plane in hopes of inspiring interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) related futures.

“I love flying and I wish I would’ve gotten an opportunity to experience it at a far younger age than I did,” Atieh said.

Atieh has flown several hundred kids around St. Joseph in the last couple years.

When he’s not teaching children about planes, Atieh is either working with the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce, the St. Joseph School District or on a community project.

Atieh has been a board member with the St. Joseph School District since April 2018.

He and his brothers run Valor Education Group, which helps companies conduct their own manufacturing training. The developing training enables businesses to fill jobs faster.

Atieh hopes his engagement with the community will inspire others to do the same.

“I like to leave something better than I found it, so anything that I feel like I can help with, I try to get involved,” Atieh said.

Atieh said he may be very busy at times but realizes what he does for his community is all worth it.

— Kristen Carver