Wally Newton

Taking pride in your neighborhood is not an unfamiliar notion for Wally Newton.

“A few years ago, we had some new neighbors move into a house next door from Arizona and their stuff was late getting here, so their grass was getting taller,” he said. “So I went over there and mowed their yard, which is pretty large, twice for them as they were getting their stuff here.”

That act of neighborhood service is only one in a long list of neighborhood projects completed for his Northeast Kansas nearby residents. Since his retirement in 2007 from a Kansas City landscaping company, Mr. Newton has offered lawn mowing, gutter cleaning, moving help, transportation services and dozens of other helpful deeds for several of his neighbors without seeking compensation for his work.

“It just gives you a good feeling to do stuff like that for people who sit there and think, ‘Gosh, how am I going to get this done?,’” Mr. Newton said. “I just feel good when I do something for somebody else as long as I can.”

Neighbors Sam and Joyce D’Amico nominated Mr. Newton for his diligent neighborhood service and kind deeds. Mr. Newton said he was more than humbled, but never needed the recognition.

“I don’t ever expect anything from anybody, but that was very nice,” he said. “Sometimes people give me a box of cookies for a thank you, but I just do it so I can help.”