Nadja Jacimovic

St. Joseph, Mo., and Belgrade, Serbia, have one thing in common: Nadja Jacimovic.

In April, the 13-year-old organized a fundraiser for a Serbian girl who needed a heart transplant. Nadja said she felt compelled to help the young girl from her hometown, even from half a world away.

Tijana Ognjanovic, 8, was born with a rare heart disease. On top of medical bills, her family had to travel to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston for the procedure. 

"Whenever I see something like this, I always feel like I should help and make someone's life better," said Nadja, who is now in the seventh grade at Bode Middle School.

She and a friend joined others across the world who raised money for the young girl. In one week, Coleman Elementary School students raised $800, which far exceeded their goal of $100.

According to Serbian media reports, Tijana died in July before she could have the transplant. There is now a dispute as to what the family should do with the donated money, which equaled more than $1 million.