Bill Walker

A challenge to do good in the community is what led Bill Walker to become a familiar face around the YWCA of St. Joseph.

Mr. Walker, a St. Joseph resident, said he started regularly volunteering there in 2004 when a member of his men's group at Wyatt Park Christian Church said he'd divide $500 among the group members to help others.

He ended up at the YWCA, where he was able to help a young woman in need. He has been there ever since that connection.

Today, he volunteers there two days a week, cooking meals for the women and children in the shelter, the children at the day care and occasionally, staff members. 

Mr. Walker said he enjoys preparing meals, but he enjoys even more the chance to help others.

"I enjoy doing that because I know there are a lot of women in the shelter that are there because they need to be. They've been beaten and abused, and I also know there are women up there that are there because of drug and alcohol abuse and whatever else," he said. "I can't change any of that, but I can help in some small way."

Mr. Walker also volunteers at the Noyes Home for Children, cooking for and mentoring children, and Lake Contrary Elementary School, where he cooks meals for staff during parent-teacher conferences.