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Marriage licenses

Jeffrey Darius Weston, 49, and Amanda Janelle Ross, 45, both of St. Joseph.

Alexander Ryan Pickman, 29, and Josie Rose Wright, 28, both of Stewartsville, Missouri.

Igidio Moises Florian Tupas, 40, and Kendal Evans, 38, both of Lenexa, Kansas.

Aaron Glenn Thompson, 30, and Veronica M. Reed, 27, both of St. Joseph.

Thomas Bernard Nance, 37, of St. Joseph, and Bianca Verlyn Smith, 27, of Atchison, Kansas.

Brian Patrick Shewell, 29, and Alycen Moore Fiegel, 29, both of St. Joseph.

Dustin Ryan Boydston, 38, and Lana Kalene Nolan, 42, both of St. Joseph.

Divorce suits filed

Patrick D. McLeod and Marissa K. McLeod.