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Marriage licenses

  • Yosbel Perez Cordovi, 40, and Danisley Aguilera de la Cruz, 37, both of St. Joseph.
  • Seth Mikal Wolfenbarger, 20, and Jessica Michell Corcoran, 17, both of Elwood, Kansas.
  • Walter Edward Nichols Sr., 48, and Magali Ann Barcq, 54, both of St. Joseph.
  • Timothy Ralph Allen Mitchell, 42, and Virginia May Koontz, 47, both of St. Joseph.
  • Tanner Nicholas Ockenfels, 27, and Shelby Nicole Schultz, 24, both of St. Joseph.
  • Robert Ildephonse Berg, 41, of Country Club Village, Missouri, and Misty Dawn Clark, 45, of Country Club, Missouri.
  • Christopher Ryan Crawford, 26, and Megan Marie Jensen, 23, both of St. Joseph.
  • Gerardo Landeros Ruiz, 20, of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and Laura Joy Jian Jiao Worley, 20, of Kansas City, Missouri.

Divorce suits filed

  • Larry Forister and Kathryn Forister.
  • Stephanie Padilla-Palmer and Andres Padilla-Palmer.
  • Lydia M. Watson and Ryan D. Watson.

Divorce suits granted

  • Sarah Rops and Benjamin Rops.
  • Kenneth C. Harris and Carol S. Harris.

  • Sierra Mae Whipple and Lance T. Whipple