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Marriage licenses

Dylan Scott Grooms, 27, and Emily Ann Emmendorfer, 25, both of St. Joseph.

Mitchell Blake Ray, 37, and Brandi Leighan Turner, 37, both of St. Joseph.

John Joseph Miller, 36, and Andrea Jean Lynch, 35, both of St. Joseph.

David Kenneth Nye, 70, and Pamela Starr Eslinger, 71, both of Facuett, Missouri.

Mitchell James Graeff, 25, and Genesis Rebecca Ross, 20, both of St. Joseph.

Darrell Laverne Jennings Jr., 53, of Rushville, Missouri, and Candas Leeann Feighert, 41, of Stewartsville, Missouri.

Valarie June Jones, 43, and Shauna Kay Miller, 36, both of St. Joseph.

Daniel Scott Gerhardt, 30, and Claire Helene Clauson, 25, both of St. Joseph.

Divorce suits filed

Casey Leslie and Carlos Leslie.

Shaun Steele and Angel Steele.

Jacob R. McDowell and Destiny N. McDowell.

Kelly Brill and Jeffrey Brill.

Divorce suits granted

Casey D. Angsten and Kimberly D. Angsten.

Tabatha R. Cook and Travis C. Cook.

Katelynn S. Giles and Dallas E. Giles.

Steven J. Harris and Brenda A. Harris.