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Marriage licenses

Zackary Michael Rodden, 25, and Madeline Rae Locke , 22, both of St. Joseph.

Cameron Everett Couldry, 34, and Koriann Kay Wisdom, 26, both of St. Joseph.

Nathanial Wayne Laven, 21, and Alishia Navae Tiller, 27, both of St. Joseph.

Joey Nathaniel Nolan, 20, and Elizabeth Grace Tully , 29, both of Savannah, Missouri.

Juan Sebastian Arango, 31, and Audelia Beatriz Gonzalez Salguero, 25, both of St. Joseph.

Rickey Charles Patton Jr., 35, and Valerie Sue Banks, 36, both of St. Joseph.

Scott Matchuo Rudolph, 28, and Starling Farata, 30, both of St. Joseph.

Lonnie Terrell Landers, 26, and Tawnie Sue Williams, 32, both of St. Joseph.

Kyle Nicholas Funk, 30, of Cameron, Missouri, and Alecia Dawn Cox, 34, of St. Joseph.

Divorce suits filed

Michael A. King and Jamie R. King.

J. Gutierrez Contreras and Y. Pacheco De Contreras.

Hannah M. West and Gage N. West.

Divorce suits granted

Heather R. Morris and Scott A. Morris.