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Marriage licenses

Travis Dean Edwards, 21, and Lisa Marie King, 21, both of St. Joseph.

Lance William Chaney, 34, and Julie Kay Gill, 29, both of St. Joseph.

Darby Patrick Meehan, 42, and Kandy Ann Addington, 43, both of St. Joseph.

Joseph Michael Kline, 27, and Kristen Kay Siler, 28, both of St. Joseph.

Cheo Malachi Armstrong, 26, and Courtney Lacole Wilkinson, 31, both of Stewartsville, Missouri.

Heather Michelle Shelton, 32, and Jessica Ann Penland, 40, both of St. Joseph.

Bradley Randall Muck, 30, and Liz Marie Butler, 27, both of Gower, Missouri.

Divorce suits filed

Carly E. Ardussi and August A. Ardussi.

Deborah J. Hill and Thomas A. Hill.

Shawna Bradley and Timothy Parker.

Divorce suits granted

Miguel Pupo-Garcia and Silva Y. Cobiella.

Jason P. Lyon and Crystal N. Lyon.