Forms to report births to the News-Press are available at Mosaic Life Care, just outside maternity. Forms are normally picked up Tuesdays and Fridays. Forms also are available at the News-Press front desk.

Kate Richardson and Dustin Huitt-Johnson, both of St. Joseph, a girl born June 22.

Alasha Rainez and Josh Anglin, both of St. Joseph, a boy born June 26.

Whitney Parmenter and Branden Phelps, both of St. Joseph, a boy born June 26.

Halee Locklin and Dakota Dowell, both of St. Joseph, a girl born June 28.

Krystle Wilson and Michael McNutt, both of St. Joseph, a boy born June 28.

Crystal Mitchell and Terry Washington, both of St. Joseph, a boy born June 28.


Carl David Corbin II, 23, and Cassidy Ann Renee Botts, 20, both of St. Joseph.

Joel Snyder Hane, 32, and Margaret Anne Miller, 35, both of St. Joseph.

Owen Lee Golden, 63, and Kimberly Dianne Wickham, 42, both of Camden Point, Missouri.

David Wallace Brewer, 29, of St. Joseph, and Kathryn Jean Elizabeth Barnes, 19, of Winston, Missouri.

Ian Justice Hood, 28, and Destiny Lynn Murphy, 24, both of St. Joseph.

Richard Anthony Palmer Jr., 43, and Kristy Jo Bunton, 33, both of St. Joseph.

Jared Woodrow Roberts, 24, and Rebecca Sue Albertson, 24, both of St. Joseph.

Grant Douglas Richardson, 29, and Ashley Nicole Swinney, 33, both of St. Joseph.

Dakota Rodney Malotte, 25, and Timberlee Dawn Wilkerson, 25, both of Smithville, Missouri.

Kardell Eugene Sims Sr., 42, and Danika Latrice Emanuel, 42, both of St. Joseph.

Dylan Lynn Morgan, 23, and Kayley Lache Gardner, 30, both of Rushville, Missouri.

Matthew Glen Saunders Sr., 26, and Tairyn Daylene Collings, 27, both of St. Joseph.

Carrie Lynn Butler, 49, and Brittni Loryn Miller, 32, both of St. Joseph.

Jason Kennedy, 38, and Amanda Joan O’Dell, 27, both of Country Club Village, Missouri.

Divorce suits filed

Allison Kreifels and Cody Kreifels.

Quentin Yocam and Joyce Yocam.

Robin Musser and Joshua Smith.

Kenneth Judd and Cara Judd.

Divorce suits granted

Tina Kunze and Stephen Kunze.

Alison Anders and Jeremy Anders.

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