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Marriage licenses

Joseph Marcellus Vecchi, 23, and Morgan Leigh Allen, 25, both of St. Joseph.

Mario Alexander Mejia Miranda, 37, and Estephany Lisbeth Mejia Hernandez, 26, both of St. Joseph.

Andrew Kennith Kirby, 23, and Kendra Leigh Kretzer, 22, both of St. Joseph.

Junior Res, 33, and Mimi Lous, 39, both of St. Joseph.

Jacob William Kunrath, 27, of St. Joseph, and Christyna Marie Sanders, 35, of Savannah, Missouri.

Trenton Lee Singleton, 30, and Shelby Lanae Barrick, 28, both of St. Joseph.

Brent Nave Badgett, 24, and Aspen Sky Brushwood, 20, both of St. Joseph.

Jacob Davick Watkins, 31, and Amanda Marie Deaton, 30, both of Des Moines, Iowa.

Divorce suits filed

Owen M. Miller and Catherine M. Miller.

Michelle Gann and Brick Gann.

Brittany Hamilton and Mackenzie Mota.

Kalena Hass-Greer and Daniel Greer.

Kailie N. Saliger and Scott W. Saliger.

Jessica J. Greub and Michael J. McGinley.

Amanda Ray and Joshua Ray.

Mitchell L. Brown and Sarah A. Brown.

Divorce suits granted

Noreen L. Derr and Edison P. Derr.

Stephanie Padilla-Palmer and Andres Padilla-Palmer.

Melanie R. Smith and Casey L. Smith.

Shawna Bradley and Timothy Parker.

Ryan Sales and Barbara Sales.

Michele M. Rush and Matthew H. Rush.

Raymond Burks and Jennifer Reed.