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Raymond Leroy Corkins, 46, and Jacquelyn Lyannette McKnight, 36, both of Weston, Missouri.

Jamie Lee Sollars, 49, and Brandy Lynn Kemmer, 37, both of St. Joseph.

Josiah Christopher Mical Godbey, 28, and Kirby Lee Hoerrmann, 32, both of St. Joseph.

Jeffery Scott Saverino, 55, and Marnie Michelle Cordonnier, 52, both of St. Joseph.

Joseph David Donaldson, 37, and Amanda Lynn Horton, 33, both of Rushville, Missouri.

Corie Blake Caraway, 29, and Taylor Rene Jestes, 29, both of St. Joseph.

Adam Michael Vollstedt, 33, and Danielle Marie Pike, 27, both of St. Joseph.

Anthony Ray Zahner, 35, and Alissa Renee Johnson, 23, both of St. Joseph.

Thomas Ray Mayse, 45, and Lanette Louise Cabrera, 50, both of St. Joseph.

Divorce suits filed

Robert S. Harper and Amanda M. Barnes.

Tisha R. Bowers and Timothy W. Bowers.

John Cox and Traci Cox.

Dawt Sung and Thang Cem.

Emily-Bell Jimenez and Pedro Jimenez.

Sarah Duin and Jay Duin.

Christopher J. Juhl and Sarah A. Juhl.

Divorce suits granted

Laura B. Jones and Shannon D. Jones.

Kaleb A. Denton and Tracey A. Denton.

Brant A. Haskey and Kelly L. Haskey.

Danika L. Emanuel and Brent L. Emanuel.

Brittany R. Hamilton and Mackenzie R. Mota.

Jessica M. Williams and Telly L. Williams.

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