American Legion

2414 S. Fourth St.

No violations.

Other observations: Dumpster must be moved to a nonabsorbent surface.

Bartlett Center

409 S. 18th St.

No violations.

Benton Club

402 N. Seventh St.

No violations.

Noncritical: Reach-in cooler is failing to maintain proper temperature. Do not use unit until it is repaired or replaced. Turn down the temperature or replace the cooler if it cannot be repaired. Every cooler must have a thermometer placed inside at all times.

Big Lots

1417 N. Belt Highway

No violations.

Boehringer Ingelheim

5701 Providence Hill Drive

No violations.

Bourbon Street Bar & Grill

620 Edmond St.

Critical violations: Gravy held at room temperature; food was voluntarily discarded. Dirty ice machine.

Changez To Wellness

6211 King Hill Ave.

No violations.

Noncritical: Hinge for restroom door is in disrepair. Repair hinge to ensure door self-closes. Self-closing door helps to prevent flies from entering establishment.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

5107 N. Belt Highway

No violations.

Crumbly Burger

2701 Frederick Ave.

Complaint: Consumer alleged she suffered cramps, diarrhea and vomiting approximately 10 hours after eating lunch at the restaurant.

Investigation: Food temperatures were correct and employees used gloves to handle ready-to-eat food. Two pans of outdated cooked meat was found in the cooler.

Action: Outdated meat was voluntarily discarded. Manager must check coolers for foods that need to be discarded. Continue dating temperature for safety of food.

The Exchange Kitchen

707 Edmond St.

No violations.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard

228 N. Belt Highway

No violations.

Gothic House Tea & Eatery

720 S. 10th St.

No violations.


205 N. Belt Highway


No violations.


201 N. Belt Highway

No violations.

Mosaic Life Care

5325 Faraon St.

No violations.

Panda Express

5301 N. Belt Highway, Suite 101

No violations.

Noncritical: Maintain plumbing system in good repair.

Pizza Royal

5723 Lake Ave.

Critical violations: Leaking water in three-compartment sink; repair leaking water line.

St. Jo Frontier Casino

777 Winners’ Circle


Critical violations: Food that was on time control for safety was put in the hot box after lunch was over. Food on timers must be discarded every four hours or at the end of the lunch/supper period. Timed food must never be stored for future service to the public. The procedure that was submitted and approved must be followed. Meat was voluntarily discarded. Food held at improper temperatures. Hot buffet chicken in the hot box held at improper temperature. Dirty ice chute and ice machine.

Noncritical: Improper cooler temperature.


Critical violation: Dishwasher was out of service. Part for repair had arrived, but was waiting on installation. Snack bar dishwasher was being used to clean glasses from the bar. Issue was corrected.


2209 N. Belt Highway

Critical violation: Dirty ice machine.

Simple Simon’s Pizza

5123 Lake Ave.

Critical violation: Dishwasher not sanitizing. Do not use until repairs have been completed. Issue was corrected.

Noncritical: Sanitizer test strips were unavailable. Issue was corrected.


1405 Frederick Ave.

No violations.

6101 Lake Ave.

No violations.

Noncritical: No soap in men’s restroom.

Other observations: After eating or drinking, employees must wash hands before handling food to prevent cross contamination.

Taco Bell

3301 N. Belt Highway

No violations.

Noncritical: Clean walls, floors and ceiling on a regular basis. Dumpster must have a tight-fitting lid or door if kept outside establishment.

Other observations: Informed that reach-in cooler was not working. Repair service was notified.

320 N. Belt Highway

No violations.

Noncritical: Several loose cove tiles in men’s restroom; repair by next regularly scheduled inspection.

3402 S. Belt Highway

No violations.

Noncritical: Change intake and exhaust air ducts to prevent contamination.

Other observations: Repair urinal in men’s restroom.

Taco John’s

2205 N. Belt Highway

No violations.

Noncritical: Keep nonfood equipment surfaces clean. Keep equipment components in good repair.

Other observations: Address mineral deposit in urinal in men’s restroom.

1315 S. Belt Highway

No violations.

Noncritical: Keep wiping cloths in sanitizer when not in use.

East Hills Shopping Center

No violations.

Taqueria Panchos

3702 King Hill

Critical violations: Improper cooling of hot meat at room temperature.

Other observations: Baked products that are received from a third party must be labeled and prepackaged separately to prevent cross contamination. Labels must state all product ingredients.

Texas Roadhouse

925 N. Belt Highway

Critical violations: Employee was drinking from a cup with gloved hands and then went back to prepping food without washing hands or using new gloves when working with exposed food. Drink cups must have lids and straws.

Waffle House

4221 Commonwealth Ct.

No violations.

Noncritical: No paper towels at one of two sinks. Utensils were dried using a towel. Dirty air vents in the walk-in cooler and men’s restroom.

Wal-Mart Deli

4201 N. Belt Highway

No violations.

3022 S. Belt Highway

No violations.


1601 N. Belt Highway

No violations.

Noncritical: Clean walls, floor, and ceiling on a regular basis.

1411 S. Belt Highway

No violations.

Word of Life Church

3902 N. Riverside Road

No violations.