Benton High School

5655 S. Fourth St.

No violations.

Burger King

1517 S. Belt Highway

No violation.

Noncritical: Sharp irregular surfaces.

1212 N. Belt Highway

No violations.

Carden Park Elementary School

1510 Duncan St.

No violations.

Noncritical: Refrigeration equipment must maintain the required temperature.

Cathedral Parochial School

518 N. 11th St.

No violations.

Corby Place Senior Living

422 Felix St.

No violations.

Noncritical: Refrigeration equipment must maintain the required temperature.

Country Café Express

802 Mitchell Ave.

Critical violations: Food held overnight or removed from original packaging must be labeled with a discard date.

Dairy Queen

4105 S. 169 Highway

No violations.

Noncritical: Air vents for heating/cooling must be cleaned regularly.

Domino’s Pizza

2110 Messanie St.

No violations.

Noncritical: Restroom doors must be self-closing.

Dunkin Donuts

1206 N. Belt Highway

No violations.

Edison Elementary School

515 N. 22nd St.

No violations.

Fast Gas

1702 St. Joseph Ave.

No violations.

Ground Round

123 S. Sixth St.

No violations.

Hosea Elementary School

6401 Gordon Ave.

No violations.

Hyde Elementary School

509 Thompson St.

No violations.

Lafayette High School

412 E. Highland Ave.

No violations.

Lake Contrary Early Learning Center

1800 Alabama St.

No violations.

Lindbergh Elementary School

2812 St. Joseph Ave.

No violations.

Noncritical: Damaged floor/walls/ceiling must be repaired or replaced.

Mokaska Coffee Company

617 Felix St.

No violations.

Pappy’s Grill & Pub

2501 Messanie St.

No violations.

Pershing Elementary School

2610 Blackwell Road

Critical violation: Hot water used as sanitizer must maintain the correct temperature.

Pizza Hut

809 N. 22nd St.

No violation.

Noncritical: Soap must be available at every hand sink. Torn or broken door seals/hinges/etc. must be properly maintained.


320 Edmond St.

No violations.

Noncritical: Nonfood-contact surfaces must be cleaned regularly. Plumbing must be in good repair.

Robidoux Middle School

4212 St. Joseph Ave.

No violations.


2209 N. Belt Highway

No violations.

Skaith Elementary School

4701 Schoolside Lane

No violations.

Spring Garden Middle School

5802 S. 22nd St.

No violations.

St. James Parochial School

120 Michigan St.

No violations.

Taqueria Huaracheria

3830 King Hill Ave.

No violations.

Taqueria Porfirio

2420 Frederick Ave.

Critical violations: Foods must be segregated and protected to control the possibility of cross-contamination.

Triumph United Vending

5302 Stockyards Expressway

No violations.

Noncritical: Foods packaged onsite or bulk foods for consumer service must be labeled.

Waffle House

4223 Commonwealth Court

No violations.

Webster Adult Education & Catering

1211 N. 18th St.

No violations.

Noncritical: Plumbing must be in good repair.

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