Placeholder Building Permits

Sherri and Winton Constable, 2017 Parkview Ave., replace roof, Peak Roofing & Remodeling LLC, $7,000.

Gary and Jean Wyatt, 3229 Brown Road, tear off and reroof, Raymond Steltenpohl, $3,000.

Suzanne Shay, 2403 Duncan St., reroofing, Ward Roofing LLC, $11,750.

Caitlyn Strong, 2606 S. 36th St., reroof house, A1 Roofing, $5,000.

Jeremy Burleson, 3806 Mansfield Road, reroof house, A1 Roofing, $10,900.

John and Carol Walter, 2602 Lovers Lane, reroof house, A1 Roofing, $11,000.

Bradley and Deanna Kokesh, 2820 Renick St., reroof house, A1 Roofing, $10,000.

Lucas Powers and Shae Fannon, 4815 Crystal Drive, reroof house, Interurban Restoration, $5,325.

Jacob and Cassie White, 1910 Oscar St., reroof house, Peak Roofing & Remodeling LLC, $4,934.

Douglas Baggett and Robin Duvall, 513 Pinewood Drive, reroof house, Remodeling Made Eazy, $10,000.