Placeholder Building Permits

Bradley and Sallie Spiegel and Kathy Townsend, 1410 Lion Road, 16-by-24 deck, All American Lawn and Home LLC, $4,900.

Brandy Helfery and Taylor Merritt, 5403 Cypress Ave., 28-by-24 shed, no contractor listed, $10,000.

Clinton and Carole Couldry, 4 Sweet Court, 200-square-foot porch, Van Cleave Construction LLC, $15,850.

Dennis and Nancy Weiser, 4601 Lexington Court, remove deck and replace with sunroom, Van Cleave Construction LLC, $26,880.

Jeffrey and Natosha Hughes, 3844 Maplewood Drive, framing back porch and covering front deck/replacing siding and exterior sheeting, no contractor listed, $7,000.

Adam and Theresa Paolillo, 3301 N. 37th Terrace, 10-by-12 deck, Corey Lemon, $5,200.

J.W. and Sharon Curren, 3844 Maplewood Drive, remodel inside/replace Sheetrock/re-siding and replacing windows, no contractor listed, $5,000.

D.D. Real Estate and Investments LLC, 3117 Sherry Lane, replacing 10-by-12 deck, All Job Construction, $3,700.

Philip and Lori Bish, 116 Tucker St., foundation repair, Groundworks FRS, $8,235.

Darcy Johnson, 1420 S. 33rd St., roof mount solar panels, That Solar Company LLC, $14,880.

Wesley and Rayetta Fitzgerald, 2724 Jackson St., roof mount solar panels, Power Home Solar LLC, $29,627.

Donald Roberts, 1513 Faraon St., remodel of inside/change out windows and clean out, no contractor listed, $5,000.

Roger and Holly Johnston, 3715 Seneca St., 12-by-20 shed, no contractor listed, $4,300.

Derrick and Lori Coil, 3711 Grain View Terrace, 20-by-22 deck, Corey Lemon, $6,500.

Bernd and Susanne Eichenmueller, 3001 Cornell Ave., 12-by-16 shed, no contractor listed, $4,100.

Ricky and Dianna McMillian, 1308 S. 39th St., 12-by-20 shed, no contractor listed, $5,600.

Stacy and Richard Shuman, 6702 King Hill Ave., 32-by-36 pole barn, no contractor listed, $9,000.

Sandra and Melody Gray, 820 Morgan St., 12-by-40 shed, no contractor listed, $12,815.

Jon and Amanda Barry, 1308 N. Leonard Road, new home construction, no contractor listed, $275,000.

Kerry and Pam Lotz, 3015 Lovers Lane, new home construction, Vasut Construction Inc., $220,000.

Carter Goodwin, 1717 S. 40th St., new deck, no contractor listed, $4,500.

Timothy and Katherine Lager, 2912 Teal Court, roof mount solar panels, Worth While Renovation, $24,000.

Russell Book, 2920 Blackwell Road, solar array installation, Worth While Renovation, $42,000.

Dillon Burgess, 915 S. 17th St., 32-by-56 manufacture home, Lovejoy Mobile Homes Inc., $118,000.

Ryan and Emily Wacker, 1114 Mockingbird Court, 16-by-14 deck, no contractor listed, $5,000.

Greens of Ashland Development, 3113 Carlisle Court, new home construction, Gaab Properties, $440,000.

Greens of Ashland Development, 3115 Carlisle Court, new home construction, Gaab Properties, $440,000.