Placeholder Building Permits

Renew Church, 2808 Pembroke Lane, tenant finish, no contractor listed, $20,000.

Mark and Diane Hagen, 4721 Woodland Shores, new single-family home, Clark & Thomas Construction, $400,000.

Clarence Schroff, 3702 Fairview Drive, ground mount solar panels, Sunpro Solar, $45,116.

Teresa Anderson, 5316 Crystal Drive, PV solar panel installation, Ecovole, $10,300.

Alice Hankel, 502 Hummingbird Court, building deck, Bailey’s Services, $8,800.

Jeffrey Thurman, 3752 S. 11th St., pole barn, Jim Hale, $15,000.

Michael and Janet Taylor, 46 Court Drive, remove and replace existing decks, Van Cleave Construction, $71,000.

Quest Trust Co. and Steve Rickman, 3022 Jules St., tear off and reroof, Dysgo LLC, $7,000.

Dana and Kenneth Love, 3105 S. 35th Terrace, reroof house, Peak Roofing & Remodeling, $16,300.

Dianna Jacobs, 717 N. 23rd St., reroof house, Peak Roofing & Remodeling, $8,516.

Jesse and Hope Price, 3203 Morton Lane, reroof hose, Peak 2 Peak Roofing & Construction, $16,705.

The Hillshire Brands Co., 5807 Mitchell Ave., signage for Tyson Foods, Roderick Advertising Co., $3,500.

Pavis Properties LLC, 2425 N. Woodbine Road, new signage, Roderick Advertising Co., $8,500.

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