Placeholder Building Permits

Walmart Real Estate Business Trust, 4201 N. Belt Highway, replace coolers/freezer, Temp Masters Inc., $212,925.

Purpose Properties, 717 Harmon St., remodel interior and replace concrete on porch, no contractor listed, $10,000.

Ward and Carolyn Brooks, 3410 W. Colony Square, roof mount solar panels, That Solar Company LLC, $27,720.

Brandon Goodrick, 510 Greenbriar Terrace, applying push piers/wall anchors to foundation and intellijack to crawl space floor, Groundworks FRS, $15,474.

Charles Christ, 3124 Olive St., remove and replace 1400-square-foot asphalt shingles, Apple Roofing LLC, $7,100.

Corey Allsbury, 3517 St. Joseph Ave., remove and replace 1800-square-foot asphalt shingles, Apple Roofing LLC, $8,200.

Gary and Deborah Elder, 417 E. Missouri Ave., remove and replace 2200-square-foot asphalt shingles, Apple Roofing LLC, $14,900.

Andy and Dena Koch and Timothy and Marlys Payne, 2723 Renick St., reroof house, SLV Roofing Service LLC, $11,500.