Placeholder Building Permits

BMA North Village LLC and Cole PC St. Joseph MO LLC, 5301 N. Belt Highway, new recruiting office tenant finish, Jim Ingle Construction Inc., $400,000.

City of St. Joseph c/o Sara Lee Tax Dept., 5807 Mitchell Ave., new rope sausage process addition, Miron Construction Co. Inc., $5,000,000.

Thomas and Janet Graves, 3004 Woods Court, 27x14-foot deck replacement, Strasser Homes LLC, $30,000.

Michael and Joelle Modlin, 3910 Miller Road, new home construction, PJB Construction LLC, $302,000.

David and Deana Woodbury, 3306 N. 36th St., reroof house, Ward Roofing LLC, $7,800.

David and Mary Jones, 2712 Renick St., reroof house, siding and gutters, Ward Roofing LLC, $12,250.

Sallie Shatney, 509 Monroe St., reroof house, Holmes Roofing, $4,000.

Intercities Enterprises LTD., 2717 St. Joseph Ave., reroof house, Holmes Roofing, $3,000.

Elishia Carillo, 1604 Elwood St., remove roof and replace asphalt shingles, Aspen Contracting Inc., $16,165.

Ryan Winger and Alxia Blum, 3710 Mansfield Road, remove roof and replace asphalt shingles, Aspen Contracting Inc., $12,532.

Lynda Marie Cline, 923 S. 15th St., reroofing, A1 Roofing, $7,800.

Rego Jones, Jan Alice Fisk and Harold Jones, 1004 N. 22nd St., reroof, A1 Roofing, $3,000.

Robert and Kelly Tudor, 2817 N. Sixth St., reroof house, Joseph Contracting, $6,850.

Ron and Cynthia Findley, 1402 Faraon St., reroof with metal, Northwest Metal Roofing & Construction LLC, $6,400.