Placeholder Building Permits

David and Olivia Morrow, 3618 N. Woodbine Road, 40x60 garage, no contractor listed, $30,000.

Michael and Linda Minear, 4002 W. Haverill Drive, foundation repair, Groundworks FRS, $38,345.

Pamela Eldredge, 4812 Clover Road, remodel interior of home, Diversified Construction Management, $5,000.

Richard and Catherine Beelman, 4612 Crystal Drive, replacing deck, no contractor listed, $4,800.

Habitat for Humanity, 318 S. 20th St., pour concrete floor/add bedroom and bathroom, no contractor listed, $20,000.

Christopher and Mary Black, 4209 N. 30th Terrace, repair fire damaged home, Zipco Contracting Inc., $256,606.

Carl and Nancy Jennings, 6804 Mack St., remodel, Action Electric Corporation, $30,000.

Heather and Michael Daniels, 1107 Elwood, open front porch/add new supports and railing, Action Electric Corporation, $30,000.

Shawn and Brooke Bode, 2808 Francis St., repair and replace porch, no contractor listed, $5,000.

Marlene Leinen, 704 Prospect Ave., foundation repair, Groundworks FRS, $13,381.

David and Jamie Goodale, 523 W. Chestnut St., solar panels, That Solar Co. LLC, $8,352.

Claudia Sollars and Jamie Goodale, 2401 N. Fifth St., solar panels, That Solar Company LLC, $5,103.

David and Karen Hurd, 3908 N. 29th St., room addition, Custom Improvements Inc., $100,000.

Kimberly Henderson, 3022 Oakland Ave., remove and replace deck, Shalz Home Improvement LLC, $5,000.

John and Trisha Parker, 2619 Jules St., foundation repair, Groundworks FRS, $12,735.

Yam Investment Group LLC, 1324 Buchanan Ave., repair foundation, C.L. Sutton Construction, $8,800.

Ryan and Stephanie Cline, 4708 Miller Road, foundation repair, Dry Basement Co., $5,200.

Beverly and Thad Jenkins and Robin Wisenski, 7016 Ollmeda St., deck for pool, no contractor listed, $5,000.

VIP Capital Group LLC, 1710 Fifth Ave., reroof house, Priority Roofing and Construction, $4,500.

Gregory Worthington, 502 S. 12th St., reroof house, no contractor listed, $4,000.

Stephen Shavnore, 2528 Cedar St., reroof house, Arrowhead Construction Services, $5,000.

Glen and Vickie Rohwer, 524 Birch St., reroof house, Babcock’s General Contracting, $3,000.

E.R. Sigrist, 2309 N. Seventh St., reroof house, J. Hatheway Contracting, $7,600.

Fredy Araujo, 1522 Lafayette St., tear off and reroof, no contractor listed, $3,700.

Karen and Brad Langley, 6418 Washington St., reroof house, no contractor listed, $5,000.

Lisa Espinoza, 424 N. Noyes Blvd., reroof house, A1 Roofing, $13,000.

Donald and Tammy Roberts, 1711 Penn St., tear off and reroof, no contractor listed, $3,000.

Justin and Abigail Dennis, 4302 Kensington Drive, replace roof, Peak Roofing & Remodeling LLC, $10,460.

Robert Owens, 5806 York St., reroofing house, Crane Improvement Co., $6,580.

Lois Osborn, 2845 Renick St., reroof house, Crane Improvement Co., $5,698.

Janice Bundridge, 6615 King Hill Ave., reroof house, Get Contracting LLC, $6,957.