Placeholder Building Permits

Lifeline Foods, 2811 S. 11th St., a new foundation for tank replacement, E.L. Crawford Construction, $30,000.

Triumph Foods LLC, 5302 Stockyards Expressway, building addition, E.L. Crawford Construction, $350,000.

Emmitt Woods, 3302 Sunnyside Drive, 15x30-foot pool, Comfort Installs, $9,875.

Nate and Joyce Thomas, 2602 Beechwood Blvd., 18-foot pool, Comfort Installs, $7,275.

Brian Nguyen, 4707 Corinth Drive, 20x40-foot pool, Grooms Concrete, $25,329.

Casey and Shelly Culver, 4803 Corinth Drive, new in-ground pool, JD Harris Construction, $50,000.

Brett Johnson, 4116 Autumn Ridge, 1,500-square-foot basement finish, Gerling Contracting, $40,000.

Matthew Deets Jr., 2916 Felix St., 18x20-foot garage, no contractor listed, $4,554.

Donald and Sharlys Olson, 3402 Auburn Drive, 10x20-foot shed, no contractor listed, $5,661.

David and Stacie Williams, 405 Virginia St., roof mount solar, That Solar Company, $40,580.

Christopher Talbot, 1327 S. 20th St., remove solar array and upgrade, Smart Home Innovations, $20,000.

Roger and Rebecca Van Vickle, 406 Greenbriar Terrace, remove damaged chimney/build smoke chamber, Chimney Sweep, $12,250.

Robert Lee Hoaglin Jr., 2002 S. 39th St., tear off shingles and reroof, Erie Construction, $30,603.

Merlin and Christine Hagan, 2842 Patee St., reroof house, Babcock’s General Contracting, $5,000.

Teresa and Ronald Stufflebean, 3108 Penn St., tear off shingles and install new, Pyramid Roofing, $9,102.

Sheila Jones, 5006 University Ave., reroof house, Pyramid Roofing, $6,700.

Gregory and Kristi Keegan, 2316 Cougar Road, remove the roof and install new, Barnes Roofing & Gutter, $6,704.

Lorre Schultz, 2809 Renick St., tear off and reroof, J. Hatheway Contracting, $3,500.

Esther Ponnuraj, 4705 Donnelly Drive, replace roof and gutter, Roberts Roofing, $17,410.

Naomi and Harold Easter, 6229 Sherman St., tear off and reroof, Mike Rose Construction, $9,800.

Dock McClain, 1014 Powell St., tear off and reroof, Modern Concepts, $12,000.

Tallgrass Holdings LLC, 3301 N. Belt Highway, update sign at Taco Bell, Roderick Advertising Co., $5,000.

Altec Industries Inc., 4906 E. 36 Highway, new sign for Altec, Yellow Frog Graphics, $5,000.

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