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Thanks to all who are

bettering Downtown

I’d like to take a minute to say “thank you” to all the people who spend their time, money and effort to make Downtown St. Joseph a better place.

There are a lot of differences in opinion on what should and shouldn’t take place, when and how they should take place, what the gates should look like, etc. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you will never be able to please everyone. That’s just simply impossible.

But I think the one thing we could all agree upon is that everyone involved is only trying to better our Downtown, and for that I am thankful. I truly appreciate all the hard work that’s gone into it!

Our Downtown is in the best shape it’s been in my adult life. Thank you!

Brigitte Berry

St. Joseph

Young artists should

follow these tips

Hello, you young artists! Here is a tip my painting teacher taught me: If there is something that does not seem to fit, don’t throw it away or try to cover it up. Look at it awhile and decide if it is something you might want to keep.

This, I find is true. Sometimes the biggest mess is the best part.

It is important to feel free to try out different things and see what magic is all about. This can create problems, but problems are meant to be fixed. Do not give up.

Don’t fret about if someone thinks you are cool or not cool. You will be cool because you shoot for what’s beautiful in your mind and heart.

One other thing. Draw a line on your hand with a ballpoint pen. Wash, wash, and wash again to take it off. Sooner or later, the line will be gone. But if it is a tattoo, it will never be completely gone. Wash it a thousand times; if you live to be 90 years old it will not come off. Remember that.

One last thought: There will always be artists who are not as good as you. Don’t brag. Say nice things about their work. Your work will improve because of your kindness and being exposed to people who are even mean. Do not fret. They don’t see the struggle and joy in your creation. Get stronger!

Stand by your honest work. You will be rewarded by teachers, parents, family and friends. If they don’t get it, it’s OK. You know how really cool you are. Be a prize-winner in your own eyes. Take criticism with generosity; maybe they can help you get even better.

Donald M. Beaulieu

St. Joseph

Both political parties should work together

The Democrats and RINOs refuse to accept the outcome of the election after almost three years. President Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote, end of sentence. He is the president!

Why aren’t the people upset over $40 million poured down a rabbit hole over the Russia investigations, when there are actual crimes being committed, politicians just walking away from the truth?

Like a salmon swimming upstream — in spite of his own party fighting him — do you know what he has done for us? In just two years, look at the record: improved the GDP; lowest unemployment for women, blacks and Hispanics in decades; now an exporter of oil in the world markets; new, expanded uses of natural gas; median income improved; Dow Jones industrial average at all-time highs; tax cuts for the working; regulations cuts, which improved business operation; talks with North Korea and first president to visit there; VA improvements; and decreased the number of people on food stamps.

Just think what he could do if both sides worked together — maybe a wall to keep “illegals” out, maybe even improved health care? If only both sides would quit thinking about themselves and their own party and focus their energy for cash toward the taxpayer instead, just maybe American will continue to be great and the world power we once were.

Ben Pecora

St. Joseph