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Justice Department must punish

serious crimes equally

The tide in Washington has turned, and the original investigators of the phony Russian collusion mess are now the ones being investigated. Good. It appears that many of the bureaucrats who wanted to put President Donald Trump in prison are themselves being considered for a trip to that same lockup.

The former head of the FBI, James Comey, is a case in point. He was fired from his post for a host of reasons. He was a bad cop. He has now apparently escaped the punishment that you or I would’ve received under the same circumstances. The talking heads on TV keep reminding us of the “harsh rebuke” he received from the Inspector General report. Wow. He got a harsh rebuke. You or I would be looking at the inside of a federal prison cell for leaking documents to the press. Comey violated all sorts of regulations for which his subordinates would be jailed, but he skates.

I am tired and disgusted at what has become a two-tiered justice system. One set of rules and punishments for the common folk, and another much softer batch of rules for the rich and powerful. Important government officials are fired, rebuked, or otherwise excoriated, but they are allowed a golden parachute retirement, and that’s the end of it. I cry foul! These people put Martha Stewart and Dinesh D’Souza in prison for next to nothing; relatively minor infractions.

It is very difficult to respect a legal system that pays reverent lip service to the concept of equality before the law, but practices something entirely different. The Department of Justice absolutely must come forward with some serious punishment for serious crimes. The integrity of our system of legal jurisprudence is in jeopardy.

Dr. Lawrence Pilgram

St. Joseph