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Kudos to the

Parks Department

Most mornings my four-footed friend and I walk the trails along The Parkway. There is no better way to begin a day. People you don’t know greet you with a cheery “Good morning,” and sometimes more. They wish you a “Good day” and walk on. Occasionally they will inquire about your health or admire my small dog. But all of us are there because it is a beautiful place to walk. There are tall trees, older than many of us added together, ancient trees losing branches, all with squirrels running up and down their trunks and storing food for the winter that is to come, and even an occasional deer can be spotted in the brush. There are wild Missouri flowers gracing the paths. The grass is kept mowed where it is appropriate. The walks trimmed.

Now, thanks to the hard work of many of the Parks Department employees. there are new trees, many, many new trees of a large variety— oaks, maples, weeping willows and many I don’t recognize. The department not only takes beautiful care, mowing, weeding and picking up trash, but they are planning for the future.

I will not live long enough to see the new plantings mature, but my grandchildren will and will be grateful for the forethought that will give them beautiful trails like I walk 50years from now.

Many thanks for the thoughtful work and planning that is being done to keep our city beautiful, and prepared for the future.

Diane Watson

St. Joseph

It is not the

same situation

To the “It’s your call” caller who finds it cruel to “allow” the birth of a baby, likely to only live a few minutes after birth, your claim the “Christian” thing to do is abortion is outrageous and doesn’t come close to Christian beliefs

No one is ever guaranteed how much time we have with our children. This family was able to hold, comfort and talk to their baby, give their baby a name and possibly have some pictures taken to help them in their grief.

The same can’t be said for aborted babies. It’s doubtful any mother has ever requested pictures, time to hold and comfort or give their baby a name. And yes, they are babies from the moment of conception.

The caller claims the baby would face the same pain as heart attack and stroke victims and should therefore be aborted, I wonder if this caller would approve of putting these patients out of their misery through euthanasia.

Christians respect life from conception to natural death.

Kay Currier

St. Joseph