Council member owes an apology

On Sept. 10, St. Joseph City Council member Brian Myers called me, Pastor Jacob McMillian of Journey Baptist Church, a bigot for having religious convictions that align with conservative Christianity.

Myers displayed poor professionalism in his treatment of me by: 1) interrupting me; 2) labeling me a bigot despite not knowing me for more than 2 minutes; and 3) referring to me as “son” based on youthful appearance. Summarized, Myers discriminated against me based on youthful appearance and holding to conservative Christian beliefs.

A bigot is one who is intolerant of another’s belief or opinion. Myers acted in a bigoted manner by slandering me because I held a different position than him.

For the record, I am not a bigot. My life shows that I tolerate and accept those of differing lifestyles. My kid attends public school with LGBTQ families, my wife teaches in a public school that serves LGBTQ families, our church is a food pantry that is willing to serve LGBTQ families, and I have coached for three years with the St. Joe Parks and Rec Department without discriminating against certain families.

I am not a bigot. Bigots are intolerant of another’s belief or right, like making one use private property to support a lifestyle that violates their religious beliefs. I would like a public apology from Brian Myers, I want to know publicly if he still thinks I am a bigot, and I would like him to present scientific proof that LGBTQ members are born into the community for the sake of the argument.

Jacob McMillian

St. Joseph