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Thank you to man who

helped with directions

I was in St. Joe on Aug. 22 to get my first-time oil change on my new Chevrolet Malibu, which I purchased at Reed Chevrolet. When I finished all my shopping, I drove to where I get off the Belt Highway, to head back to Sabetha, Kansas, and the highway department had it blocked off as they were resurfacing it.

I then drove to a strip mall and saw a man ready to get into his car and I asked him if he was from St. Joe. He said yes, and I told him my problem and he tried to tell me how to get there. I guess I looked pretty bewildered, which I was. He then asked me, “Do you want me to show you how to get there?” I said I would sure appreciate it. I would have never found it. When we got close to the turn off, he put his arm out the window so I would turn and I honked my horn at him.

I thought this was so nice of him, to help a complete stranger. I wish I could have gotten his name, so I could have sent him a thank-you card. I’m hoping you will put this in your paper, and if he reads your paper, he may see it.

Lucylle Cannon

Sabetha, Kansas