President Trump supports military

I would like to respond to Jessica Piper’s letter that stated “you can support U.S. troops or you can support President Trump,” not both. I support both.

I am a 24-year Navy veteran, four years active duty and 20 years Naval Reserves. President Trump is very much a strong supporter of the military and veterans. He increased the funds to the VA to buy the wheelchair that I’m sitting in. I’ve been told that every penny of his salary he gives to the national cemeteries where veterans are laid to rest. You can check that out.

There was another media untruth when he said WWI veterans in the cemetery over in Europe were “losers and suckers.” John Bolton was at the meeting when the president supposedly said that and even he said that wasn’t said. It was just another false report by the reporter.

I have two veteran friends who say they are voting for former Vice President Biden only because they don’t want President Trump to be re-elected. They never said anything about Biden’s qualifications or mental health.

Glenn Brown

Country Club, Missouri

District shouldn’t buy YMCA building

The YMCA cannot afford the maintenance and upkeep of the building. The city of St. Joe does not want to take on the maintenance and boiler repairs needed. But, since the school district can call on taxpayer funding, they want to jump right in, take on the expense, then plead to us taxpayers to bail them out.

They cannot take care of what they have now. Gilmore said “the YMCA would boost employee wellness.” It would be less expensive to pay for a REC Center membership instead.

COVID has caused budget cuts across the board. The school district has had to tap reserve funds. They just increased the assessment levy without a vote because they were allowed to. When will this fiscal irresponsibility stop?

Do we need a recall petition to get these board members’ attention? Remember all this when the school district comes to the taxpayers to increase the levy assessment. This has to stop somewhere.

Robert Kline

St. Joseph