Pull together to save the Y

We are in eminent danger of losing our wonderful Downtown Y on Oct. 1 as has been reported in the local newspaper. The reported reason is that the local Y doesn’t have enough money to keep it in operation.

For those of us who have used the Downtown Y for many years, you know how it has served the community well by offering so many amenities, not the least of which is an Olympic-sized pool. St. Joseph has no other facility of its kind in the city; it is important that we find a way to keep it running.

It has been reported in the local newspaper that the city of St. Joseph would like to find a way to keep it. And, I have spoken with a couple of members of our city council who confirm that St. Joseph is looking for ways to do that.

In fact, as I understand it, there is a meeting at the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce this Tuesday, September 15, at 8:30 a.m. to discuss the issue. That is great!

I am pleading with all Y members, both past and present, to stand up and be counted. Let your local elected officials as well as the Y organization, both local and national, know that you value the Downtown Y and that we need to do everything humanly possible to keep it open, whether through actions by local government and/or through private investment and/or through assistance from the national Y organization.

Kathie Brunner, St. Joseph

Birds of a feather work together

I have kept a journal for many years, and today I looked back on my entries pertaining to this period in 2001.

On 9/14/2001, memorial services were held in Washington, D.C. One of the speakers made the remark that “the Twin Towers may have collapsed, but the foundations are still there.” He was comparing this thought to the American people being temporarily struck down but the foundation of America still stands. He was referring to the need to build strong spiritual foundations. In the Daily World, the message for that day read that “birds don’t sit on a branch with their backs to the wind but they sit facing the wind. If they didn’t, the wind would ruffle their feathers and blow them off the branch.”

Just as the thought was very appropriate in 2001, it is just as timely for our country today. The American people need to be responding to all that is happening in our country right now — a pandemic, racial tensions, political discord, unemployment due to the virus, disasters such as fires, floods, hurricanes — by not sitting with our backs to the wind getting our feathers all ruffled and being thrown off the branch, but facing the wind and working together to solve the many problems facing our country at this time.

We have done it in the past and we can do it now. What we need to do is to be united. We need to come together and be one America and not a divided America. This is especially true of our elected politicians.

Peggy Bloss, St. Joseph