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Better learn Chinese

before you’re 75

As I sit and eat a Chinese dinner, I come to my fortune cookie and it said “Learn Chinese.” I about lost it.

It just so happens that I decided to return to college to obtain my associates degree, which should have happened in the 1970s, and it’s shows being out of college classes for that long.

Lo and behold, I start and off to a surprising start, I actually passed a class, But now they said I must take an Algebra class. “What! Why?” I’m not going to be an engineer at 75. After being a director of procurement for many years, working with manual systems that today are all computerized, I guess I didn’t realize that I was ahead of the curve on using good old regular math all before computers.

After a couple of classes I realized what that fortune cookie I just got was telling me —“learn Chinese” because looking at Algebra to me is like trying to read Chinese. The great staff and tutors at Highland Community College they have been able to keep my head above water. Because of these people, I can say my college experience has been very surprising. The kids at school all show me respect, no laughter or “what is he doing here looks.”

Highland has been a great experience for me and I’m sure for them. Thanks, Professor Hasan. He is pushing me across the finish line and has never given up on me.

All I can say is “Learn Daishu”before you’re 75!

Ben Pecora

St. Joseph

Republicans care more

about keeping their jobs

President Donald Trump has reached the height of hypocrisy. “In his great and unmatched wisdom” (his words, not mine), he has pulled what few American “training” troops out of Syria so he can go before his throngs of brainwashed supporters to say, “I campaigned on getting the U.S. out of endless Mideast wars” and kept his promise.

Then, the next day, he announces he’s sending countless defense weapons and vasts amounts of money to Saudi Arabia so they can defend themselves from who knows who. You remember the crown prince of Saudi Arabia ordered the brutal murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Kashoggi, and denied doing so. The U.S. House and Senate were outraged, and Trump lamely said he’d punish whoever did it. Yeah, right. It’s been a year now, and Trump and his family are so in bed with the Saudis financially. He’s not about to do anything that would upset one of his favorite dictators.

So, if Trump is serious about getting the U.S. out of endless wars, why is he helping Saudi Arabia, one of the richest countries in the world, defend itself? One word — money.

The Kurds, our ally, have lost 12,000 people in the battle against ISIS. The U.S. has lost six. This is not to say those six lives weren’t valuable. Trump proclaims he defeated ISIS. Wrong!

As usual, Trump has done exactly what Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed him to do. Where’s the outrage from Republican leadership that genocide is now being committed? The Kurds are being slaughtered.

But the Republicans are more concerned about keeping their precious comfy jobs, than to stand up to the murdering, lying dictator in the White House. Total hypocrisy!

Marie Daniel

Edgerton, Missouri