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Beware of Warren’s plan

for retirement funds

Are you working hard to retire someday? Then beware Senator Warren’s plan to redistribute money. Sneakily called “The Accountable Capitalism Act,” it is nothing more than a raid on your pension, simple IRA, or 401(k).

Her plan to take more of the revenue and profits of corporations and redistribute it as she sees fit will lower the rate of return all pensions and other plans can expect to earn, thus reducing the amount of money you will have to retire on and requiring you to work longer.

Whether you are male or female, young or old, your retirement plan is based on a return on the money you invest, and time to compound. By stealing corporate profits, she will be hurting all pensions.

If you are a teacher, firefighter, policeman, or union worker with a pension at the end, beware. If you are worker contributing to a 401(k) or simple IRA, look out.

The way she presents it is sneaky and she tries to make it sound like a purse, but in reality it’s a pig’s ear for hardworking Americans who spend a lifetime trying to get to a comfortable retirement. The government has already looted Social Security. Say no!

Kennan Brockett

St. Joseph

Whistle-blowing doesn’t

make you a ‘spy’

You’re sitting on your porch one evening, when you spot someone apparently breaking into your neighbor’s house.

You immediately grab your cellphone and dial 911. You are a whistleblower. You have information about something that you believe is illegal and pass it on to those who can counteract it.

Are you a “spy”? Of course not, even though the thief the cops haul away might call you one. To bad some jerks in D.C. don’t understand that.

Bob Lafferty

St. Joseph

We need to listen and act on climate change

Obviously, Greta Thunberg has ruffled a number of the News-Press editorial board feathers.

True, time will tell how her leadership will be seen in the future, but the other part of the discussion is what kind of future there will be left for the next generations. The News-Press board states that “climate change is viewed as a political problem,” although this statement does not relate to all countries, where it is even more disastrously obvious that the effects of climate change are upon us now.

I was privileged to hear Bill McKibben on Sept. 29, sponsored by the Land Institute in Salina, Kansas. Bill calls Greta a “truly remarkable person. “Fantasy,” he says, “only works for a little while then you wake up and find you are living in a nightmare... We desperately need a new ethic of solidarity with each other.”

As far as I am concerned, Greta and Bill both are truly speaking for all of humanity when they say we need to act now. Both are brilliant and are dedicating this part of their lives ... to ruffling some feathers. Let’s listen and act, rather than calling bluff.

Diane Waddell

St. Joseph