Tax code coddles the rich

When you learn that the “billionaire” Trump paid only $750 in federal taxes in 2016 and 2017 and no federal taxes for 10 of the last 15 years, you realize we have socialism for the rich embedded in our tax codes.

The Republican-dominated Senate even passed legislation in 2017 that reduced taxes on the wealthiest by $1.5 trillion while recently refusing in 2020 to give underpaid “essential” workers an extra $600/week in a pandemic. When billionaires manufacture losses and write them off for years to come, the hard-working middle class pays taxes while being squeezed between the undeserving rich and the struggling poor.

When federal and state taxes are not paid, it impoverishes us all. America still has thousands of bridges close to collapse, millions of miles of highway needing repair, out-of-date airports, increasingly unclean water, polluted air, underfinanced schools and inadequate health care.

Trump bemoaned the state of America in his dark inaugural address, claiming that “he alone could fix it,” but he has contributed nothing to its repair. He has also made America a darker and divided nation while over 206,000 Americans have died of COVID. When will we all start to work for the common good?

Elizabeth L. Sawin, St. Joseph

Don’t blame Trump for riots

On a recent NBC-TV interview, Joe Biden stated with complete certainty that if Trump wins on election night that Democrats and their supporters will not riot in response. But that’s exactly what the Democrats did when Trump won in 2016. Besides, for that to be true, Democrats and their leftist street supporters will have to stop their current rioting.

In fact, these organized riots have been going on since Ferguson in August 2014. Democrat city mayors order their police departments to not arrest rioters. If police arrest the rioters, Democrat prosecutors, like St. Louis’ Kimberly Gardner, just releases them

Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, has even set up a bond fund for the rioters. Then Democrats blame Trump for the riots.

Debbie Menges, Troy, Illinois

We learned our lesson

In 2016, we knew a presidential candidate was a fresh face and had novel ideas. Many of us just wanted change for the sake of change.

We knew he was a vain, vulgar, vindictive, pathological liar. At that time, we did not know he knew nothing about constitutional government, had disdain for the rule of law and was unable to think about the welfare of others. The debate proved that he cannot even speak in a civil manner.

I’m a life-long Republican voting since Goldwater. With no more straws to clothe him, we can say in unison, “The emperor is naked.”

Dirk Neyhart, Berkeley, California