Your letters Oct. 31, 2020

President Trump’s voodoo science

When a non-scientist, like Trump, does not follow the advice of scientists, it is no surprise that chaos follows. The detractors of science disregard the gravity of everything from COVID to global warming to air pollution. Intellect is pushed aside in favor of gut instincts and personal gain.

In the current pandemic, it has been shown by country after country that social distancing and mask wearing are crucial in controlling the spread and the mortality of the virus. Trump and his rabid followers at Fox News pooh-pooh the above recommendations in favor of herd immunity, thereby stressing hospital capacities and accepting death, all so that Americans do not have to endure the inconvenience of wearing masks.

Downright silly arguments have been made for virus control but one of the silliest I have heard was made by a recent non-physician letter writer to this paper who advocated building up one’s immune system through a healthy diet and lifestyle as the panacea for controlling the virus. Without mentioning masks, the word “truth” was somehow included in his letter.

The Trump faithful are prone to enter the world of make-believe to support Trump’s bungling response to the virus.

Dr. Robert Stuber

St. Joseph

Media misses campaign facts

Under $2.00 per gallon for gas. Does that reflect on everyone’s personal budget? That price is because the USA is energy independent!

If the USA goes “green,” at the very expensive cost, up to $7 trillion, and China and India don’t get in line... where are we? Will the world last longer than the scientists say just because we went green?

If socialist Medicare for all comes to fruition, what happens to the ACA? Why worry about it being destroyed by a new Supreme Court justice? Democrats want to destroy the ACA anyway.

NATO members for the first time since its inception are paying their fair share, almost. Before, the USA covered most of the cost.

We left the Iranian nuclear deal and didn’t give them a dollar. Instead we put sanctions on them and have nearly bankrupted their economy.

Democrats want you to believe that conservatives don’t trust scientists in matters of COVID-19. Yet since Roe v. Wade scientists have proven that life begins within five weeks of conception. Which scientists do we believe?

The USA embassy in Israel is now in Jerusalem! This has been required by law since 1995!

These are some facts that can’t be refuted by mainstream media. Know all facts before you vote. Do vote!

John Byrne

St. Joseph

Using socialism to scare the public

President Harry Truman predicted that writers like Mr. Pecorra would accuse Democrats of creating a socialist society. He said that in 1952. He also said that socialism is a “scare word for almost anything that helps the working man.” Socialism is what they call public power, Social Security, farm price supports, the FDIC, and labor organizations, anything that helps all of the people.

Maybe Mr. Pecorra and others who write to this paper warning of the evil socialist horde can live without the cheapest food supply in the world, lights and water that are dependable and a retirement check from Social Security. But I like living in a country that tries to help look after all of its people and not just the ones able to buy influence.

Karl Rice

Easton, Missouri

Read up on immigration

Biden/Harris have both said that if elected they will revise our immigration policy within the first 100 days in office. They will offer citizenship to the 11 million illegal immigrants in this country, and that is just to start with.

That means they will be eligible for health insurance, housing, food, etc. at your expense. We have children and families right here in our own town/state that are short on food. We have approximately 2 million veterans that are without health insurance, along with 3.8 million members of their household.

But the Biden/Harris ticket wants to take care of illegal immigrants. I suggest you read their policy at We cannot be everything to everybody.

Brigitte Berry

St. Joseph