Planalp displays leadership qualities

I strongly endorse Karen Planalp for state representative. I am a veteran, retired Army officer, teacher and community volunteer. I have lived in eight different states and five different foreign countries. The last 15 years I have lived in the amazing city of St Joseph.

I know how truly bad things can get when you don’t have trust and cooperation in your elected leaders. Karen understands leadership is about sacrificing so others gain. She understands leaders go first and take the risk before others. She understands leaders are responsible for creating the climate of trust and cooperation. And when they do, amazing things happen.

Karen has the education, the experience, varied background, understanding and tenacity to support our district. She has been upfront and direct concerning the issues. Karen has a proven track record of success and determination.

I have led many soldiers and followed many commanders to different parts of the globe, but today and for the future I will follow Karen Planalp, as state representative.

Brett Hall, St. Joseph

Another battle against communism

I was sent to Vietnam in 1968 to fight the spread of communism. Today, the current Democrat Party’s platform contains many of the same policies that were professed by the North Vietnamese communists. I risked my life while in Nam, and for what end? It saddens me to see the current Democrats freely promote communist policies here in America.

The Democrats have been underhanded starting before the actual election of President Trump. Prior to his election, president Obama and VP Biden colluded with the FBI and the Department of Justice to spy on private citizen Trump. Things like this happen in third world communist countries, not in America. For months, America was subjected to an investigation that was based upon false information provided by Democrat political operatives.

More lies and deception continued during the approval process of Judge Kavanaugh. The lies continue today with accusations that the president is complicit in every wrong in America. Every American should be appalled by the behavior of the Democrats and the hate-stream media.

Frankly, I do not see the current presidential race as between a Democrat and a Republican, I see it as a choice between our America and communism. The Democrats have nothing good to say about America, they attempt to pit blacks against whites. The poor against the rich. Democrats seem to support the riots, again saying it is Trump’s fault. They are the source of division in our country. If you watch a Democrat gathering, you will not see an American flag displayed.

On Nov. 3, I will be voting for America that I once fought for.

John Schroeder, Maryville