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We want to keep

3 high schools

I genuinely get scared when I read articles about the St. Joseph School District and their quest to tell the public what we need and what is best for our children’s academic future.

My wife and I attended one of the community events held at emPowerU where we read each proposal. We agreed that renovating what we have is the best option. Students don’t need brand new facilities to get a good education. The News-Press printed on Nov. 11, “Research will tell you that it’s based on the quality of teacher you have...”. But the district doesn’t want to pay the teachers what they’re worth.

I saw a survey on Facebook last week that asked the public which plan they liked best. The winning concept was, renovate what we have with 62% of the vote! Now I can’t find the survey to learn the outcome.

In April, you’re voting on the money, not which concept. The board decides that. If we approve the bond, renovate what we have and use the rest to give the teachers a raise, not the administrators! We want three — three high schools, that is.

Jason Ingram

St. Joseph

Vindman should not

be questioned

On Veterans Day as I reflect on those who have served in the U.S. military, I am reminded of how many people I am connected to who served our country.

My husband served in the Air Force, his father retired from the Navy, my brother served in the Air Force, my uncle served in the Army and my father saw combat in WWII. Those who have or are serving their country deserve our respect and thanks for their service. This is why I find the treatment of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman by the GOP so appalling.

Shame on the politicians, pundits, and anyone who is attacking Vindman. He is a decorated soldier who is serving his country and has been awarded the Purple Heart, Defense Meritorious Service Medal (two), Army Commendation Medal (four), Army Achievement Medal (two), and Army Valorous Medal.

Shame on those who have remained silent or given a weak comment on these attacks. If they’re putting their personal and political gain above doing what is right, maybe they should take a look at themselves in the mirror. It’s not Vindman’s loyalty and love of country that should be questioned, it’s theirs.

Debra Miller

Cosby, Missouri

Tide may be turning

against abortion

Did you know that the biblical definition of abortion is “slaughter”? Judging from statements of ex-employees of Planned Parenthood, it is properly named.

This is a human tragedy of vast proportion. Who would have thought that abortion would evolve to be an act of murder? We are living in what might be compared to Sodom and Gomorrah times of infanticide (the killing of babies). Sadly, abortion has been with us forever.

But things may be changing and pro-lifers may have reason to be positive. Young women are starting to realize the importance of every baby lost by this heinous act. At rallies, there are scores of women carrying signs that read “I am the pro-life generation.”

Also, anti-abortion advocates are banking that the Supreme Court, with a conservative majority reinforced by two appointments by President Trump, is more likely to overturn its 1973 ruling that legalized abortion throughout the country (Roe v. Wade).

“Almighty Father, give us courage to proclaim the Supreme dignity and sanctity of all human life and demand that society give its protection.” — Anonymous

Dick Jordan

St. Joseph

Government needs to

end daylight saving time

Daylight saving time started soon after World War II started. World War II ended in 1945.

I am asking the federal government to do away with daylight saving time. It will stop moving clocks up and back. It will mean everyone in the United States will be on the right time, all the time.

I will thank the government and all the people in the United States will be thankful for them doing this.

Jay Whorton

St. Joseph