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Ordinance needs

to be enforced

I have been parking in the city parking garage at Fifth and Francis streets for more than 30 years now. This morning after parking and coming down the steps, I had to step over a homeless person who had decided to spend the night in the stairway.

I then read the paper about the new ordinance to keep them from sleeping in public places. Who is going to keep them from sleeping in public places? This is not the first instance of homeless living in the garage.

Also, why can’t the city fix the lighting issue in the garage? There has not been any lights in one section of the garage for months. It is scary to walk in this section in the evening.

Another thing, why are the gates left up? I have seen cars come in through the entrance gate and leave through the entrance gate. No revenues for the city. I pay a monthly fee, so if the gates are going to be left up, I will stop paying the fee.

Kathy Barber

St. Joseph

Listen to the ‘little

voice’ within you

A friend and neighbor’s failing health led him to the Cameron Veteran’s Home, a very wonderful place.

On the day he passed away, I was busy with a number of errands. But what I can only describe as the “little voice” within me, was suddenly urging me to go visit Orval. Being busy, I tried to protest, but the voice was unrelenting. I went to the VA Home.

When I arrived, I found him in the process of dying. His wife had not yet arrived, and their children all lived in different states. I called my wife, explained the situation, and told her I would not be home for a while.

When his wife arrived, Orval was already in a coma. I stayed with her and we prayed. I will always be thankful I was there to provide some degree of comfort.

She was always very appreciative that I was present. She always believed it came from God. I only know it came from beyond myself. We all have that little voice. I can only urge that when it becomes insistent, it is wise to listen.

Mike Hanrahan

Cameron, Missouri

Maybe the rhyme

is missing?

Alonzo declared that poetry’s not dead,

Well maybe, but at least it is sick and in bed.

Possibly the problem is that over time,

People wrote verse that omitted the rhyme.

Some like it but it’s not my cup of tea

For solace read Service’s Sam McGee.

He’s a rhymer superlative, ever so fine,

He does it twice in every line.

Ralph Mayer

St. Joseph

Grandpa will never

learn to behave

While playing a board game with my 8-year-old grandson, Nate, and reminiscing about my childhood, he asked me, “Grandpa, did you get a lot of spankings when you were little?”

“Yep, Nate, about every day. And most of the time, two or three a day!”

“You sure must have been a bad boy, Grandpa, to get that many!”

“Well, Nate, apparently someone thought I was.”

“You’re too old to get spankings now, but Grandma makes you do a timeout if you do something bad.”

“That’s right. And I only had to do three this week!”

He turned to his grandmother and said, “Grandma, do you think Grandpa will ever learn to behave?”

Grandma looked at him and said, “I doubt it, Nate! I seriously doubt it!”

Jim Pawlowski

St. Joseph