Shame on News-Press

for printing photo

I would like to comment on the story concerning dogfighting.

As someone who spent 20 years in animal control, I was appalled at the picture of smiling faces posing for the camera in the Oct. 24 News-Press.

Dogfighting is a vicious crime. Drugs and weapons are often involved, making the cases dangerous for the officers doing the investigations.

Dogs are constantly mistreated, with thousands of puppies and adult dogs cruelly destroyed every year by their dogfighting owners.

To print this picture was unworthy of our paper and the people who spend their lives trying to prevent this kind of animal cruelty. Shame, shame!

Terrie Irwin

St. Joseph

Democrats afraid

of voters in 2020

“There is more crap coming out of D.C. than there is on any Nebraska feedlot.”

— Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb.

Actual crimes committed by the Democrats are ignored by the “hate-stream” media and the accusations (no proof) about Trump are given 24/7 coverage.

Democrats believe that if you tell a lie enough times people will come to believe it as truth. This proves to be true right here in St. Joe — just read the “It’s your call” and the political cartoon in the Nov. 4 News-Press.

Even before Donald Trump was inaugurated, the hate-filled loser Democrats were plotting a coup against him. First, the Russia collusion was proven false. Then they dragged a good man named Brett Kavanaugh through their hate filter, but now he is on the Supreme Court. There have been countless other attempts to turn supporters away from Trump.

The latest is the so-called “whistleblower,” who did not even have firsthand knowledge of the call that Trump made to the Ukraine. Interestingly, however, he did have firsthand contact with Rep. Adam Schiff, the liberal hater leading the coup against Trump. The Democrats know they cannot beat him at the ballot box, so they attempt to disparage their opponent’s character and reputation.

The Democrats’ impeachment resolution is an abusive process that is being utilized with complete disregard for the president’s civil rights and is nowhere near following the rule of law. Simply stated, the Democrats are conducting a coup to unseat a duly elected president.

The Democrats are afraid the voters of America will interfere in the 2020 election as they did in 2016, which is the real reason for this impeachment charade. I, for one, will do my part in 2020 and will not vote for any Democrat at any level.

John Schroeder

Maryville, Missouri

Blind friend taught

lesson about courage

I taught preschoolers to understand that reach should exceed their grasp. “Know what you can do,” I explained, “And know that you can do more.”

Most little children already have that framework in mind, so it is an easy lesson to reinforce.

The threat of failure should never be uppermost in attempting something new.

Jerry Maccoux was blind from birth. He rode a bicycle and went skydiving. If there was a way to do it, he would have done both at the same time.

I have artwork Jerry made for me at least 15 years ago. It is so beautiful, a treasure with his signature on it.

He also bought a watercolor from me back then. He paid a large sum of money for something he would never see. His reach exceeded his grasp.

I will never forget his courage and honesty. We were co-therapists at Northwest Missouri Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center. His sense of humor went beyond beyond.

He succeeded in teaching slients to appreciate themselves in spite of grave limitations.

We haven’t spoken for awhile, but that is OK. I have the memory of a blind friend who could look at life in the face and laugh.

Don Beaulieu

St. Joseph