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Don’t take away St. Joseph history

I’m sure the plan is already set in stone, but in regard to the closing of city schools, I would like to say that I am heartsick over it.

It would seem that Benton is the chosen school on the gallows. As a fourth-generation graduate of Benton, nothing gave me more pride than walking the halls my great-grandfather walked. Benton is part of my family history, as it is for so many in this town.

The town has been struggling lately, yes, but we are all still here trying. We do our part each day to keep our history in this place but once you start taking away our history, there is no reason left to stay and the heart of the town will stop beating.

I hope the St. Joseph School District comes up with some other resolution to whatever problem it deems this closure will cure.

Jennifer Agee

St. Joseph

Nation needs to clean up federal government

When our elected representatives knowingly violate long-standing rules of behavior, it is time for all public means of communication to condemn the behavior.

The House of Representatives, federal level, tampered knowingly with national and homeland security with their invasion of a grand jury process. They spent over four years investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails and found nothing. In two weeks, more exculpatory findings against the current president have been found than were found against her, if the opening statements from the Foreign Service officers can be believed. We, run-of-the-mill-voters, read, look and listen to the plethora of media and are weary of “our” (so-called) representatives and their behavior.

These educated males (for the most part) and the few females who misguidedly followed them are wrong. Our nation really needs to clean the House, the Senate, the Justice Department of the partisan behavior that puts party over country. We, the voters, deserve better.

Helen Brock-Thurston

St. Joseph