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No comparison between

Washington, Trump

Since 1893, the Senate has read “George Washington’s Farewell Address” on Washington’s birthday.

We need to take roll call to make sure both Missouri senators are in attendance.

Washington said, “The Constitution is sacredly obligatory on all.” In contrast, President Donald Trump said, “The emoluments clause is phony.” (The clause in the Constitution that bars public officials from taking gifts from foreign governments.)

Washington said, “Political parties open the door to foreign influence and corruption.” We have seen many Trump associates plead guilty to taking gifts from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s cronies, resulting in reduced influence in Syria, Ukraine and NATO.

Washington said, “Those entrusted with the administration of our government should confine themselves within their respective constitutional sphere.”

The White House staff, or “deep state,” should put a towel over Washington’s portrait when Trump speaks from the East Room calling our legislative and judicial branches “the very deep state.”

Washington predicted “men in the future will seek to give absolute power to an individual whose real purpose is his own elevation on the ruins of public liberty.” Trump seems to respect Putin’s Russian success.

Washington said, “it is our responsibility to perpetuate the Constitution.” I fear it is in the wrong hands.

David H. Smith

Albany, Missouri

One solution to

homeless problem

I believe there is no cure for the homeless problem in this country.

Tracy Gillespie’s statements in the Nov. 12 News-Press convinced me that most homeless people would rather live that lifestyle than become productive citizens. He would rather “be away from the pains of society.” That is, until it comes time for free meals, clothing and blanket handouts, and shelter when it’s cold. Then he wants help from that society that he wants no part of.

I believe the only solution is to send them packing. A city empowers people to remain homeless by providing free food kitchens, shelter and clothing handouts.

It is shameful that people who have chosen to make St. Joseph their home to raise families, have to live where homeless populations are increasing. They are unsightly, unsanitary and dangerous.

Homeless social programs are not curbing homelessness; they encourage it. It is one thing for families who are struggling to rise out of being homeless, but another for those like Gillespie who make up, in my opinion, the majority of homeless.

Mine is a cold-hearted idea, but it all depends on the quality of life you want to live and the environment in which you wish to raise your family.

Wayne Evans

Cameron, Missouri