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Here’s what board president should say

St. Joseph School Board President Seth Wright stated he did not know how to answer when students asked why they can’t have new facilities.

As a mom, grandma and RN, you have to give the bad news, too. Wright should say, “I was elected to serve 100 percent of the students in St. Joseph. Right now I have to prioritize for all of you. We have critical failures in our education system.

“First job is to get kids proficient on their state scores. Last year we did very poorly. I take responsibility.

“Second, I promise all kids equal opportunities. I want to hire and retain teachers who look like our kids. I will keep promises and pay competitive wages.

“I want to lower the time kids spend riding their school bus. We need to redraw school boundaries to level the playing field. Some children spend over 45 minutes going to and from school.

“I want to make sure all AP students get to take their end-of-course exam. Money will be found.

“I assure you buildings will be maintained and not fall into such disrepair. I will plan ahead, budget for the future. A new building may have to wait five years.”

Leesa Forsee

St. Joseph