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4 high schools

make more sense

I graduated from Central, my wife from Lafayette, and neither of us is even a remote semblance of our high school selves. Therefore, I think I can be very objective about the future of what the St. Joseph School District should look like years hence.

Personally, I do not agree with any of the proposals thus put forward. My two-cent vote is for four high schools. This should have been the goal 50 or more years ago when Central started outpacing the other schools.

One school does not make more opportunities for our students, it makes for less — one-half to one-third less — in all parts of education.

I argue that upgrading and renovating the three old schools and building a fourth school, probably out east, is much more cost-effective and more innovative than the building of one single high school.

State-of-the art facilities do not require new! It requires innovation, once you equalize the high school population with four schools, you will have plenty of room at those facilities to make them state of the art.

I fear that the SJSD is bean counting, not innovating and not choosing the best future for the most students. Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas should be our at-large community, not Kansas City.

Michael Stephens

St. Joseph

Shutting down coal

is a stupid idea

During Former President Barack Obama’s second term, he put forward the idea that we should get off the use of coal because of the damage it was causing to the planet, etc.

I thought at the time, “What a stupid idea.” Why don’t we just shut down all of the power plants that use coal for a week, give the workers a paid week off and see who hollers first.

It won’t be me. I can live without electricity. I have a wood-burning fireplace for heat, if needed. As for TV, it wouldn’t be missed.

Gary Jahne

St. Joseph

Don’t hate the hater

Hating the hater sends us on a downward spiral. Somehow we have to learn to love each other.

Ted Rights, M.D.

Hamilton, Missouri