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Your letters Nov. 6, 2021

Grace House

fills a need

Your Monday editorial noting the generosity of St. Joseph citizens was appropriate and appreciated. St. Joseph is blessed with many opportunities to help the less fortunate — the United Way, AFL-CIO Community Services, Salvation Army, the Crossing among them.

One operation that holds great appeal to me is Grace House. Ruth Costello, with the help of dedicated volunteers, has built a wonderful charity at 2638 Lafayette St. over the last 15 years.

In a typical month, her all-volunteer operation will provide clothing and household goods to more than 800 clients; the number increases as the weather gets colder. Prior to the start of the school year, her operation distributed new shoes, backpacks, school supplies and clothing to some 1,250 youngsters.

There is never a charge, only a smile from Ruth or one of her gracious volunteers. Grace House gets no tax dollars, no United Way funds, no grants. It operates on donations, either quality goods or cash.

Frankly, I don’t know how Ruth and her volunteers do it. Stop by some time and take a look. You’ll be impressed by the friendly atmosphere, the cleanliness and the variety of clothing to be given away.

Bob Slater

St. Joseph

Country’s survival

is the agenda

I keep hearing our majority leaders and mainstream media making comments about the greatest threat to our country being those that don’t agree with their ideology, and they consider us the threat!

We have a virus unleashed on the world, open borders (like that’s not a threat), countries testing weapons we lack technology for, leaders that truly don’t care about the people (the working class).

Even though, while over a third of able-bodied Americans sat on their haunches, we took care of them for over a year and a half. They want critical race theory taught in our schools, to defund and tie the hands of our law enforcement, to mock religion and peoples’ beliefs.

All of these issues are only a small part of their agenda! I say the threat to our country is anyone that doesn’t have our nation’s longevity and best interest at heart. All for one and one for all, we can be a united nation, we just need to take out the garbage! No offense if you disagree; I have no power to condemn.

Craig Wood

St. Joseph

Congress takes

care of Congress

Back in the 1960s, members of Congress were paid $26,000 per year while the average yearly income was about $18,000 per working family during the Eisenhower administration. I was paid a union wage of $4.50 an hour while building and erecting bridges, culverts and dams on the federal Interstate system throughout the United States.

Today federal congressmen and women have voted for big corporations to be tax exempt and they have the luxury of having free medical, etc. While they receive over $200,000 per annum, we the people suffer and starve.

Congress needs to have term limits of holding office to restrain socialism.

Terrance Hawbaker

Effingham, Kansas

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