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Biden raises

troubling questions

After watching Biden address the incredible inflation facing our lower and middle classes on television, I was faced with one question. Is our president: A, stupid; B, senile; C, a liar; D, foreign compromised; E, all the above or a mixture? His policies and those supported by the Democratic Party have created much of the problem. Massive spending and money printing always leads to inflation.

It is an economic fact. Every time they devalue our currency it buys less. Hence 10-cent candy bars in 1969, 2 bucks today. All economies run on energy. If it goes up so do the prices of goods and services. Biden’s first act, cancelling the Keystone Pipeline, cost us 830,000 barrels a day. We use 19 million barrels a day so his 50 million from the reserve is 2½ days worth. He accused the fossil fuel industry of over charging.

It takes decades and billions in capital investment to open oil fields. All the left talks about is shutting them down, so why would Chevron waste their money? He begged Russia and OPEC to pump more and they are laughing at us, while China builds their military and locks up oil in Africa.

Kennan Brockett

St. Joseph

Lung cancer shouldn’t be overlooked

I am a 52-year-old never smoking male living with advanced stage lung cancer.

I have lived now for seven years originally diagnosed with nine to 18 months to live.

This year, 240,000-plus people will be diagnosed in the United States. That is seven times more likely then breast cancer and four times more likely then breast, colon and prostate combined.

I live with this knowledge every day because lung cancer has touched my life.

Even though this is the primary cause of cancer deaths, lung cancer receives an inequitable amount of federal research funding and continues to suffer from a lack of public awareness. I’m writing today to urge our community to learn more about lung cancer and what they can do to reduce stigma that lung cancer is only a smoking disease. We are trying to create awareness and advance treatments and even cures. Please help.

Through my involvement with GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer’s support and advocacy initiatives, I have learned that spreading awareness can save lives. Did you know that life-saving s`creening is available for the estimated 15 million Americans at risk for lung cancer? When caught at an early stage, lung cancer is more treatable and curable. I hope that by simply sharing this information, members of my community will decide to discuss early detection for lung cancer with their doctor today.

I am one person dedicated to raising awareness. By sharing my personal story about living with lung cancer, I hope to put a face on this disease and start meaningful discussions about how it affects those we love and inspire actions that keep the focus on cures.

Don Fredal

Kansas City

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