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Thank goodness for grandkids

With the way things are in the world today — the pandemic, the vaccinations, the unemployment, the rising prices on everything, a collapsing economy because of inflation, riots, demonstrations and anger among people and political groups — it is hard to keep smiling and develop a sense of humor which is absolutely necessary for a happy life.

We drove to my grandkid’s home for Lily’s (age 3) birthday celebration. She met me at the car and said, “grandpa! You’re late! I’ve been waiting on you to read me a book.”

I told her I was sorry but had to go to the doctor. She asked, “did you get a sucker, grandpa, or were you bad again?” I told her I did not get a sucker so I guess I could have been better.

Her only reply, which somehow I expected, was “grandma would have gotten one.”

I proceeded to the house and told her I would read to her after I visited the bathroom. She looked at me and said, “be sure and raise the lid and wash your hands before you sit with me.” I replied, “yes ma’am!”

Somehow the female influence in this family is being passed from generation to generation. Lord help me when she turns four.

Jim Pawlowski

St. Joseph

Rittenhouse evades consequences

As a single mother who has raised a son, I can empathize with Mrs. Rittenhouse. A single parent of an opposite-sex child has many challenges. However, there is an equal number of opportunities there — not the least of which is being an active, practicing Christian.

When you are a Christian, you are a member of a church family as well as a family of origin. Your son has positive role models in many more places that way.

Kyle’s actions were self-evident. Two men are dead at his hand. He had a sympathetic jury, so he got out consequences this time. But, if he learns that white + gun = permission to do it again — he may be in for a rude awakening. And his mother will rue the day she took him to Kenosha, Wisconsin with an AR-15.

Helen Brock-Thurston

St. Joseph

Don’t fear the unvaccinated

I have a question and I would like an answer. If I am vaccinated, and it has been established that I can still get sick by being in contact with people who are also vaccinated, is what I will be afflicted with somehow less deadly than if I caught it from someone who is not vaccinated?

I don’t see any evidence for that but what I do see is that the highly vaccinated states like Vermont are seeing numbers unheard of lately. The reason is that now we have new variants. If you have the vaccine, quit worrying about those who don’t because they have more to fear from you than you do from them.

Randall Huston

St. Joseph

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