Your letters Nov. 21, 2020

Can’t they even read?

On the front page of today’s paper is an article entitled “Fighting Fatigue” in which officials urge “staying the course” as “fatigue” of pandemic sets in, urging that we remain “diligent with protocols.” In the Midland section of the paper is an article on the veterans home in Cameron reporting that 29 of our veterans have died from COVID since Oct. 17.

Warnings that this pandemic would soar with the onset of cold weather are proving accurate, with infections and deaths increasing at an alarming rate. And yet, also on the front page of today’s newspaper is a huge picture of Gov. Parson explaining how and why he is loosening state COVID guidelines by scaling back protocol for student quarantine. Can Parson not read?

Fatigued or not, mask-weary or not, to survive requires facing the reality that this is not going to just go away. We have to fight it to outlast it.

Clarence Jacobs

St. Joseph

A strange version

of democracy

Are Republican legislators really as afraid of Donald Trump as they appear to be?

What the president and his administration are doing today would be viewed with alarm if was happening in another western democracy. What would they and most of us think if the leader of Germany or France, for example, lost an election but refused to concede while lying about the vote count and the honesty of state and local voting officials? Furthermore, then filed lawsuits to have ballots thrown out and keeps government officials from aiding the transition of power to the election winner.

Our Missouri representatives in the House and Senate ignore the president’s attempted power grab, and make excuses for him, as do most other Republicans in Congress.

These people have a strange understanding of democracy. That should worry all of us.

Keith Evans

St. Joseph

Mask effort

is like war effort

Wear a mask or don’t wear a mask. Our doctors and scientists tell us that wearing a mask can help in the battle against the coronavirus. Many people comply and many don’t.

I am reminded of World War II when our government imposed rationing of various items in support of the war effort. Nylon hoses were a recent “invention” and were welcomed with enthusiasm by American women.

Sadly, they became one of the first items to go. Nylon was needed for making parachutes. Nylons were followed by rubber, gasoline, metal, shoes, sugar, coffee, cigarettes and other items. I was a child back then, but I recall women using leg makeup to look as if they had “nylons” on; my father working in Kansas City and unable to come home during the week because of the gasoline and tire shortage; adults and kids picking up scrap metal to donate for the war effort; a shortage of leather for shoes and cigarettes to smoke because our troops had top priority; plus ration books for sugar and coffee, etc.

I see wearing a mask as something we can do to help our country fight the coronavirus much as the things people were required to do in the name of freedom during World War II. Americans came together for a cause and though the people didn’t like having to give up so much, they did it for the good of America.

Can’t we wear a mask when we go out for the good of America? Wearing a mask is such a small think to do to help overcome COVID. Just the mask effort?

Peggy Bloss

St. Joseph