Trump wages war on facts

As a former Republican and monetary contributor, I am now a staunch independent American.

My own eyes, ears, and the ability to think critically and clearly tells me that Donald Trump is the worst thing for my former party and the United States.

All you have to do is listen to what he says and follow his actions and psychopathic behavior.

I need no cable news opinions or internet foolishness and propaganda to discern what a dangerous man he is for our country.

Trump’s behavior since he was defeated is overwhelming proof.

All the “brainwashed” calls and letters from “Trumpeteers” do not change the facts and failures of Trump’s administration!

Trump is liar and a cheat. He always has been and always will be. God save America from his kind. Thank you.

John Ray Hoffman, St. Joseph

Seeing socialism in the sewers

I resided in Charles City, Iowa, and Adel, Iowa, from 1938 to 1980. Then I moved to Effingham, Kansas, and Atchison, Kansas, from 1980 to 2020 for 40 years and I am 82 years old now.

Effingham used to have 850 residents and the town government has run nearly half the residents off due to the high costs of sewer and water rates and, we the people, have lost our freedom of speech. By the way, dictatorship is socialism, without freedom of speech.

Minimum sewer and water rates are $65 a month, whereas in the 1980 decade sewer and water was only $20 a month and I had six dependents residing with me.

Today, if you don’t pay the sewer and water bill on time, the town government charges a resident $100 more on the bill for being late.

What happened to Arrington, Huron, Monrovia, and Muscotah? Ghost towns? Freedom of speech is one of the most basic and essential rights of we the people stated in the Bill of Rights in our Constitution, which we are being deprived of.

Terrance Hawbaker, Effingham, Kansas

Lesson from 1954 still has meaning

In 1954, I was working on a master’s degree in school administration and had an assignment to read a book that was located in the library of Journalism at the University of Missouri. As I was reading my assignment, I happened to look at a poster on the wall that said, “If you are going to be a journalist always remember your job is to write the news not make the news.” I wonder if that poster still hangs on that wall?

Years ago, there was a song that included the verse, “accentuate the positive, adlib the negative.” However, most of the major news networks came to an agreement that when it comes to the president, “they would accentuate the negative and adlib the positive.” Doing this is de-facto censorship that eventually leads to either fascism or communism.

Jack R. Newton, St. Joseph