A few thoughts on a healthy diet

According to Dr. Stuber’s letter to the editor Oct. 31, Trump followers like me are classified as Rabid Followers of FOX News because we have a difference of opinion from his concerning the COVID-19 virus.

He says, “Downright silly arguments have been made for virus control but one of the silliest I have heard was made by a recent non-physician letter writer to this paper who advocated building up one’s immune system through a healthy diet and lifestyle as the panacea for controlling the virus.”

That would be me, Larry Flinchpaugh. No Dr. Stuber, I do not believe it is a panacea for controlling the virus, but it can’t be ignored that a healthy diet will help keep these hundreds of thousands of viruses in our body under control. Politicizing the virus, like the Democrats and respectable doctors like you, has only made the cure worse than the virus.

There are reputable scientists and physicians other than those connected to the WHO and CDC, who would disagree with you on how a healthy diet and lifestyle works in combating the thousands of virus in all of us.

Larry Flinchpaugh, St. Joseph